Casual Wine Blazer for Men: The Only way to wear in 2024

Suits are the best form of candy your fashion monster always craves for and blazers are nothing but cousines of Suits.[Casual Wine Blazer for Men]


And wine is yet another colour that is know to exhibit a rich look on the viewer, but not many know exactly how to wear this piece of beauty but search no more folks as this will be the only article you need to style your Wine Blazer , as I have put my research and tinch of experience in creating this list dictating the  ways to wear Casual Wine Blazer for Men, gentlemen this is going to be insane, keep reading

Why Wine blazers stand out?

The WIne colour of a blazer signifies that the person wearing it has a status in society and it provides a rich and soothing vibe on the viewer. No doubt there have been many other Suit combinations like Navy Blue. Brown and Charcoal Grey, but the love for Wine Suits and Blazer never dies.

Now these blazers might be worn in many different occasions starting from a casual party to your ex girlfriend’s Wedding 🙂 but each and every time you have to rock the look with the list provided in the article below that you will not find anywhere else.

Gentlemen it is highly important to consider the occasion you are wearing the blazer to and the fit of it, both should go along and no one can stop you from being the coolest guy around. Now to keep the motive of this article as “Casual Wine Blazer for Men” I have included different variations, one can wear the wine blazer with including grey, black tan and even jeans in the bottom.

How to choose the right Wine blazer?

Boys, This is the first and most important step as you go ahead, because if you goof up in here, you will never get the desired look that a well worn Wine Blazer could provide.

Fit: Ensure the blazer fits well on your body. It should be snug but not too tight, with enough room to move your arms comfortably. Pay attention to the shoulder seams, chest, and waist measurements

Material: Blazers are available in different materials such as wool, cotton, linen, and blends. Wool blazers are suitable for colder seasons, while linen and cotton are better for warmer weather. The choice of material also affects the blazer’s formality

Lapel Style: Lapels come in various styles, such as notch, peak, or shawl lapels. Notch lapels are the most widely recognized and flexible, while peak lapels add a bit of convention. Shawl lapels are often found on tuxedo blazers

Buttons: Check around the number of buttons on the blazer. Two-button blazers are standard and versatile, while three-button blazers can be more formal. The choice depends on your personal preference

Pockets: Check the pockets and their placement. Patch pockets are more casual, while flap pockets are dressier. Additionally, consider whether you want an inner pocket for practicality

Colour: Wine blazers come in various shades of red and maroon. Consider your skin tone and personal style when choosing the right shade. Darker wines can be more formal, while lighter shades are more versatile

After you are done and dusted with the above mentioned pointers, now is the time to address the elephant in the room i.e. different varieties for Casual Wine Blazer for Men

Best 5 ways to style your Wine Colour Blazer

Casual Wine Blazer for Men

The Grey WIne:

Gentlemen this is by far the best Casual combination for Wine Blazer, as it showcases the beauty of the Wine Colour on a canvas of Grey and White. It can be worn for casual occasions like a party or some family gathering or even to a business meeting. If you want to look exactly like this gentleman, please check the list for items used.

  • Wine Blazer
  • White round neck sweater
  • Grey Chinos
  • Brown loafers
  • brown belt
  • Watch 
Casual Wine Blazer for Men

The Black Wine

Npow this one is typical gentlemen’s look who do not want to showcase much, but at the same time come out as a stylish men, simple and sobre evergreen black layering of wine blazer perfect for weddings, parties and outings

  • Wine Blazer
  • All black shirt
  • Black trousers
  • Black/brown shoes
  • black belt
  • Watch 
Casual Wine Blazer for Men

The Jeans Wine

Now this is for the guys who know how to put comfort in their style and wants to take that one step further. But make sure boys that the jeans should not be baggy and the tshirt also should not be lose. This outfit could be used in dates, parties, and gatherings.

  • Wine Blazer
  • White V-Neck/Round Neck Tshirt
  • White Sneakers
  • Levi’s Jeans
  • Black belt(Optional)
  • Watch 
  • Neck Locket(Optional)
Casual Wine Blazer for Men

The Tan Wine

Tan Colour is the best that suits Indian Mens’ colour tone and it gives a simple yet trendy look, and pairing it with a Black Shirt is the best thing that you can do your Tan Chinos.A must try for mascular guys, and this can also be worn on a date/wedding/gathering, 1-1 meetings.

  • Wine Blazer
  • All Black Shirt
  • White Sneakers
  • Tan Chinos
  • Black belt(Optional)
  • Watch 
Casual Wine Blazer for Men

The Blue Wine

Now this one takes the colour combination a bit too far and provides an edge over other looks. This is for the guys who do not shy off from trying something new. Check out the items below and shine like a blue Ruby among these stones.

  • Wine Blazer
  • Blue turtle neck seater
  • White Sneakers
  • Blue Chinos
  • Black/brown belt
  • Watch 

How to accessorize the Blazer?

If your Wine Blazer is a cake, then my friends accessories are the icing on the cake. This quote has been said by many and I would also say here and stress more on the fact that without the good accessories the look of the Suit or a blazer seems to be dull and missing a piece.

Alright to perfectly accessorize the blazer, we need the below things, so that we do not miss on any thing and avoid any shortcomings.

  • Watch: A trendy watch is a must, supplementing the general stylish of your suit and adding a hint of refinement. I would recommend a Timex watch because that won’t be much expensive and will do the trick(Top 10 Timex watches of 2024)
  •  Chain/Neck Locket: It is a good way to match a simple locket not too shiny not too intense just a simple sleek silver locket. 
  •  Pocket Square: A very much collapsed pocket square brings flair, adding your suit’s tone with a touch of refinement.
  • Belt: Gentlemen, this has to focussed that you choose your belt colour exactly like the ones that the shoes are, because it develops a congruity in the pattern and your upper body emerges as better.
Casual Wine Blazer for Men
Casual Wine Blazer for Men
Casual Wine Blazer for Men

Hacks that you can implement in your style

  1. Always try to match the colour of your socks with the that of your trousers but try to keep one tone lighter. If you do not have the similar colour, please wear black socks.
  2. Always try to match the belt colour with that of your shoes.
  3. Always make sure that the blazer material is not having any threading and design pattern visible, because it ruins the overall look.
  4. Also do make sure that the fit of the blazer is not sloppy and comfortably hugs your chest.
  5. Make sure that the shoes/sneakers that you wear are clean.
  6. Try to avoid smartwatches on Suits and Blazers, because a dial watch provides a much better look with the blazer on the beholder, and if you are wondering which watch, dont worry check this article written by me on Top 10 Timex watches of 2024.

CONCLUSION: Casual Wine Blazer for Men

Alright so here we have come at the end of this article and I request you all to go buy your own Wine Colour Blazer and try to customize your own way and do let me know how good and sassy you are looking.

Gentlemen all these Suits and other stuff will look good on you if you have a commendable physique or at least you know how to keep your body under control, but if you keep rocking like the styles i provide you you do not have to worry at all, because I have done all the heavy lifting for you folks and provide my experience as a supplement.

If you are going to attend a party or a wedding or a meeting, I highly recommend that you Check out How to use the colour combinations of Suits, and If you are someone who is crazy for the Navy Blue Coat, please check out Best 5 ways to wear Blue Coat Black Pants in 2024.

Till then Keep Rocking 


Usually the black goes with everything as it is an evergreen colour , but Tan, Blue and jeans also works. But for the sake of this question, I would say please go with Grey Chinos

Generally people wear the white Colour beneath a blazer, but a black shirt and a semi maroon shirt also works

Absolutely YES, the jeans rather shines bright with a Maroon blazer apart from the traditional ones.

The Shoes that goes well with maroon suit are black no doubt in that, but if you want to wear the blazer casually, white sneakers also rock

Maroon can be mixed in many different ways depending upon the occasions, like all black might look a formal business going whereas a Grey pant and white round neck tshirt looks casual. THere are 3- 4 ways mentioned above in the article

Yes the brown shoes works just fine like the black ones

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