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Read this out carefully you HANDSOME males, because this might be the turning point of your fashion statement. Below are the best tips and Hacks that I have acquired over years after trying different variations and failures in styling and finally after some sort of Female Validations, I have found some really high value tips and I do incorporate the below into my day to day combinations of wearables and grooming.Fashion Tips for Indian Men

#1 The Face

Fashion Tips for Indian Men

The face is the first thing that each & every one of us sees when someone talks or approaches, imagine someone has a pimple on their face, 100% of your focus will go on it and it won’t look pleasing. So the First Thing to do is get your face scrubbed and clean instantly every time you come from somewhere and before sleeping. Once or twice daily is admissible but don’t overdo. Beard Guys must(and i mean it must) keep their facial hairs under control, I mean they must be of uniform length over your chin and under, not a single hair must be long or white.

#2 Chest

Fashion Tips for Indian Men

The 2nd most attractive and most attention grabber part is your chest. GO and ask 4-5 girls right now and ask them which part do they like the most(Except the D 🙂). Now to get that in place its universal you have to hit the Gym guys, no alternate of that. If you have what I call an average Chest, you can glorify that by wearing T-Shirts that have a horizontal graphics across your chest and that gives an impression of a bigger chest than you have. It is Practically Tested go try right now and let me know the result in the comments.

#3 Arms

Fashion Tips for Indian Men

I know not many of us hit the gym on regular basis and most of us wear Tshirts guys who have more than 14 inch biceps its good keep it up, but those who have like 12-14 inch biceps try doing this One Trick and see yourself in the mirror right now. No fold your sleeves to the top one fold until the ratio of your Tshirt to your arms is 1:3. In layman language, the sleeve’s length must be less that half of the length between your elbow and your shoulder see the image. 

Now doing this exhibits an impression of a bigger bicep than it usually is. If you Bicep is 12 inch, it will look 13 and if it is 14 it will surely look 15.4 inch. This is also a Proven Technique that Fashion Gurus don’t want you to know.

#4 Waist

Fashion Tips for Indian Men
Fashion Tips for Indian Men

Now if you are someone who wears formals and you have to tuck-in your shirt, this tip is for you. Admit it that nothing looks more messed up and informal than a shirt that is coming out of sides and is making ballon like structure around your waist. To fix this you can do what we call a Military Twist, Simply twist the extra fabric of the shirt backwards and then tuck in your shirt, and see in front of a mirror how closely the shirt will hug your waist and there are very less chances of getting out of trousers from sides, because technical the shirt generates more friction.

#5 Bottom

Fashion Tips for Indian Men

If you are below 6 feet and you are wearing the trousers/jeans which are longer than your ankle, my friends you are making yourself look shorter. The ideal trouser length must be upto your leg’s ankle and start from your belly button. But if you have bought a longer pant then just do this One Trick and you do not have to waste time and monty in cutting your trouser. Just do 1 or 2 folds outwards according to length and do 1 final fold inwards so that the extra jean’s material folds back in and a little part of your socks around the ankle is visible. 

Now this gives an impression that you are a little taller than usual. GO ahead and try on your own.


#6 Forearms

Fashion Tips for Indian Men

Forearms are the masculine power houses that exhibit that this man is a tremendous source of power and the Pro Tip for them is to cut off all of your forearm’s hairs. Let me tell you. the logic behind this, when your arm has no hairs, it gives you that vascular look in which your forearm’s veins are popping out and provides you a model like look. Now this look attracts many and your hand will look pretty good with the cuffs fold off.


CONCLUSION: Fashion Tips for Indian Men

So finally I would say that there are many other styling tips and tricks to follow, but here were some of them. One last thing to remember is that the clothing and styling looks good with a masculine/aesthetic body and the first goal should be to get in shape. Just give yourself 4 months and see the magic of Dieting and Exercise.

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