Traditional dating etiquette for Indian guys. 13 Hacks that will blow your mind

Whether there will be another date or not solely depends on the very first date, so make sure to ace it with the below guide on Dating etiquette for Indian guys

dating etiquette for Indian guys

Dating has been with us since long and when we talk about India, it has been a little famous among teens between 18 to 26, but the sad part is not many know exactly the process of dating, and for those who got a chance to go out on a date with their beautiful partner, I have done the heavy lifting for you and jot down all the things that you would be doing on your first date and some points to avoid and a little pro tips.

Alright folks, So in this article, I will provide you 5 things that you will be doing on your first date, 5  things that you will NOT be doing on your first date and 3 Pro tips from my own experience. So read well, because this will be article that you will visit again for we will be bringing more such articles to improve your dating as well as fashion statement.

SO What are the things you can do?

dating etiquette for Indian guys

Do these below 5 pointers and nothing more, no rocket science, no fancy stuff, and you will ace, your first date, not only your first every date will be better.

Prepare 3–4 topics to talk on: Look the first date is more about knowing whether the person who was in the virtual world is actually the same or just some hoax.(Quora suggested an image thats great!)

Maintain eye contact for 20 second, then look away for another 10 second, then look again. this shows realistic eye movements and not a staring beast.

Plan for the next date before leaving while paying the bill just pay the full amount and tell her that you can pay on the next date. This makes her liable to pay the debt. 🙂

Let her talk more by incorporating topics that makes her to express more, these could be open ended questions like what feels you alive, or what were the most two happiest moments. etc.

Break touch barrier, now this can be done obviously by touching her and you can only touch her by cracking a joke, keep it fun, keep it light. Also do hug her before leaving, you can give a cheek kiss if the date went really went.


What are the things that you must AVOID

dating etiquette for Indian guys

Alright, so after you have been well versed with the things that you will be doing on the date here are the pitfalls that you must avoid at any cost

Do not insult/disrespect/blame her in anyway, just let her talk and listen like a kid, be the 20% talker and 80% listener.

Do not use topics like politics/corruption/heartbreak these topics do not evoke a positive vibe and you never ever want that in your first date right, so try to avoid them. Even if you won the debate on who is abetter leader, you will lose.

Do not let her pay, I know people here would be saying that we should split 50/50, but hey! you the man dude do not let her pay at any cost.

Do not go to movies/picnic/shows or any other where her focus is not on you but on the other stuff that releases her dopamine, first date is to know each other better and not entertainment.

DO not use your phone too much, well this is quite obvious people want to be listened and if you place the mobile phone on top of her she will put another guy on top of you. Image you are talking to me and i reply to someone on my phone how will you feel, now relate that.


PRO TIPS: Dating etiquette for Indian guys

Below are the best dating tips, or should I say the PRO tips that I have gathered over years, actualy there are a lot, but for the sake of this article, here are three of them.

Do Not extend the date above 60–90 minutes, Look the motive of the first date is to get a glimpse of the person like the first page of the book and opportunity to read more, similarly the first date should be crisp and fun, as short as it can be.But make it anywhere between 35–55 minutes and thats enough.

If you are wondering what could be the talking topics/questions so here is one ask her: If you can have. dinner with any 4 people alive or dead what could they be? then tell her for me it would be gods and my great grand parents, just make something up.

Grooming matters, believe it or not but girls decide in the first 20 seconds how the date will proceed, so dress well, use perfumes instead of DEOs and clean clothes and relax, she is there to approve you not slap you. Take a Chill Pill and rock

CONCLUSION: Dating Etiquette for Indian Guys

SO here it was boys, all the 13 tips that are presented to you with a little tinch of my own experience.

Make very sure that Grooming plays a vital role in dating and various aspects of life, and if you are wonder what could I wear on the dates, I suggest you give a 3 minute read to Top 6 Fashion Tips for Men. The Best article on Internet

If you liked this article and you have some questions in mind, please do visit my Quora profile, there I must have answered similar questions.

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