Top 11 Reasons why adidas shoes are so expensive

Alright so Why adidas shoes are so expensive, The reason behind is the brand’s massive reputation that exhibits quality in every product, not to mention the use of premium materials and technologies, and the high overhead costs associated with endorsements, marketing, and R&D

Why adidas shoes are so expensive

Adidas, a worldwide perceived brand, has reliably set the norm in sports and style ventures. With a rich history tracing all the way back to 1949, Adidas has developed into an image of greatness, advancement, and style. 

Craftsmanship is at the core of Adidas, with gifted craftsmen guaranteeing authenticity and perfection in each item. Coordinated efforts with symbols, restricted releases, and vital showcasing have established its situation as a social peculiarity. Adidas embodies quality, inventiveness, and validness, creating a different and steadfast fan base around the world.

Are they WORTH IT?

Hands down the answer is YES Adidas Shoes are worth their price, they are not expensive for show. Their feel and quality proves it all.

Compare to some local brands or the shoes that people get from local markets, and even the brands that are into shoe making, Adidas shines with bright colour among them all.

11 Reasons Why Adidas Shoes are So Expensive

Alright, so below are the top 11 reasons Why Adidas Shoes are So Expensive, drop down on each one of them is activated, please check.

As a laid out brand established back in 1949, Adidas has developed a strong reputation over a long time for execution, style, and quality in athletic footwear and clothing. This permits the brand to order more costs that shoppers will pay for the popular Adidas name and its status as an industry chief in active sportswear

The BIG names endorse Adidas with superstars like Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Beyonce, and as well as significant associations with organizations like the FIFA, NBA, and the Boston Marathon accompany extremely huge authorizing and advertising charges

From high-level leathers to the innovative Boost foam padding, Adidas specifically uses the best superior materials from developing their point of view. While these quality materials increase producing costs, they likewise add to improved durability, execution, and solace that legitimizes the higher price

Adidas has forever been known for innovation, similar to the game-changing Boost foam technology or super advanced breathable Primeknit uppers. Continuously creating and integrating new innovations into their footwear normally increases creation costs yet additionally catches buyer interest with the most recent advancements  

While Adidas has extended assembling to cheaper nations like China and Vietnam, a lot of creation is still situated in Germany where work and assembling costs are impressively higher than different nations.

From great advertising campaigns to smooth retail shows, Adidas intelligently positions and markets their shoes as superior, High performance items rather than budget options. This developed brand picture impacts buyers to liken the more costs with higher value addition

Adidas empties millions into Research and development, advancement, and plan yearly to foster restrictive innovations like Lift and ClimaCool alongside new shoe models like Ultraboost

From working costly marquee retail flagship stores in significant urban areas to subsidizing gleaming promoting efforts and VIP underwriting bargains, Adidas has extremely high above costs it should represent

The specifically excessive costs of specific shoes like the Yeezy Lift make an picture of selectiveness and exclusiveness around them

Associating with big name powerhouses like Beyonce, Kanye, and Pharrell accompanies gigantic forthright sponsorship costs and authorizing charges. Adidas integrates these cooperation costs into the retail estimating of the shoes

And lastly after all above points, Adidas has much high stature in terms of branding which results in increased Prices

Are All Adidas Shoes Expensive?

Well the Answer is NO, not all of the Adidas Shoes are expensive, there are numerous list of Adidas Shoes that people can buy online and via Stores. But in Stores, the prices are generally high, but worry not below is the list of low budget Adidas Shoes which might feel like a real value for money. And do not worry these are not First Copy.

  • Regular fit
  • Lace closure
  • Soft synthetic upper
  • Cloudfoam midsole
  • Textile lining
  • Rubber outsole
  • Upper contains a minimum of 50% recycled content
  • Colour: Better Scarlet / Cloud White / Gum
  • Product code: IG6555
  • Lace closure
  • Textile upper
  • EVA midsole
  • Textile lining
  • Rubber Sole
  • 5 d embossing effect on eyestay 
  • Colour: Night Sky / Stone / Lucid Blue S23
  • Product code: GC0609
  • Regular fit
  • Lace closure
  • Textile upper
  • Rubber outsole
  • Colour: Grey Six / Cloud White / Preloved Yellow
  • Product code: IQ8954
  • Regular fit
  • Lace closure
  • Synthetic nubuck upper
  • Textile lining
  • Vulcanised-look midsole
  • Rubber outsole
  • Upper contains a minimum of 50% recycled content
  • Colour: Dash Grey / Victory Blue / Cloud White
  • Product code: HP6013
  • Regular fit
  • Slip-on construction
  • Textile upper
  • Snug, sock-like feel
  • Running-inspired laceless shoes
  • Cushioned midsole
  • Rubber outsole
  • Colour: Core Black / Dove Grey
  • Product code: GC0590


So here it was Gentlemen, the article about why the Adidas Shoes are so expensive, My firm belief is that if you are looking for shoes to buy, Adidas is the brand you should consider. And if you want to match you Adidas with budget friendly Jackets, please read The Ultimate Guide to Jackets for Men Under 1000.

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Read More about Adidas on Wikipedia here. And do checkout the below FAQs for more questions.

Thank You for reading!


Adidas has been in effect since 1949, and serving the athletes since then and has become a prominent brand due to its quality and comfort that it provides its customers

The Answer is Yes it is, since it has been endorsed by great Celebs like Kenya West, Pharell Williams, not doubt it is.

The answer is simple, because of its brand image, & its quality and comfort that it provides

The whole point of getting them is that it is a one time investment and you don’t have to bother again for the tear offs, the damages, the quality, the comfort. With expense Adidas and other companies also provide quality

Their life depends on the user, how well is he/she taking care of his shoes. But generally the Adidas Shoes last more than expected

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