A Comprehensive Guide to Colour combination for men’s suits for Timeless Style in 2024

Suits Yes Suits are the best thing Men have to glorify there masculinity and fashion statement, admit it guys I know ladies have a long list to wear and look beautiful in all of them, but for us we can compete them and here is the best tool mankind has given us, but we have to use that in the right way so worry no more for I have bring the best guide to colour combination for men’s suits of the year to help out my Suit loving brothers out there.

Believe you me boys, a Suit if worn properly boosts your confidence tremendously as is believed by many and also written in This Study. This article will help you on how you can leverage that confidence and add an edge to your styling and on top of that How to Choose a Suit Colour, and best tips/hacks that i have learned from my experience. 

Colour combination for men’s suits

Classic Suit Colours and Patterns

Classic colours never fade in terms of trends and styles, below are three of them that you can try out and must have in your wardrobe no matter if you wear suits or not, because no one knows when the time calls and gentlemen it really does not look good to rent or ask a friend for the same.

Black Formal Suit

Colour combination for men’s suits

Gentlemen black suit is the soul of all suits and it can be worn both as formally as well as casually, but there is a very slim line between both, so I would recommend to wear it in a formal manner, with formal black shoes only, there should not be any other combinations to try here because it will ruin the overall look and people may see you as Fashion Noob(which I personally do not want). You can try Black Neckties on a white formal shirt slightly hugging your Chest, moreover the belt should also be a black leather. 

To enhance this look, you can wear a trendy watch(Timex preferred), it could be a leather strapped one to give a formal look. So this All black suit can and should be allocated only for official purposes like a business meeting, or an interview, or a client call, you got the idea, here is the list of items needed to give you the exact look like this gentlemen in the snapshot.

  • Black Coat
  • Black pant
  • Black NeckTie
  • Black leather belt
  • Black Formal Shoes
  • Watch Black/Blue Dial

Navy Blue Suit

Colour combination for men’s suits

Alright, so blue as you guys might know is the colour that grabs female attention and provides the viewer a soothing/satisfying look. This is a must try in this list of Men’s Suit Combinations. So to ace this look, all you need is just a navy blue coat with slight Tan colour belt and  Tan Colour Formal shoes underneath. A dotted blue Necktie goes over an all white shirt that do the trick and your upper body seems a V-Shape masculine Gentleman. Navy Blue Suits can be worn in summer/spring season as business formals or to attend your ex-girlfriend’s Wedding :). Grab your own Navy Blue look via the exact items listed below.

  • Blue Coat
  • Blue pant
  • Blue dotted NeckTie
  • Tan leather belt
  • Tan Formal Shoes
  • Watch Black/Blue Dial

Classic Grey Colour Suit.

Colour combination for men’s suits

A light Grey Colour suit is usually lighter as compare with its other dim forms. This suit functions admirably for spring, summer, and fall dressing, and that implies you don’t simply have to bother on figuring out how to pick a suit tone and focus on picking the right shirt and tie. The light grey suit is more relaxed. It is ideal to put resources into one Grey Suit once a man has all of the “unquestionable requirements” in his closet.

This shade is an incredible method to break up the ever going cycle of wearing the more common shades. The lighter the shade, the more straightforward it is to present examples, like checks or herringbone, into the suit as the examples are easily visible. Here is the checklist to buy one for your own wardrobe.

  • Grey Coat
  • Grey pant
  • Navy Blue/Black plain NeckTie
  • Black leather belt
  • Black Formal Shoes
  • Watch Black Dial

Shirt and Tie Pairings

Now with your suits all set up, lets talk about what goes underneath and with what, I mean which colour Shirt and Tie matches with which Suit combination.

  1. All Black Suit: With an all black suit, only and only a clean white shirt goes and with a black tie, i cannot stress it more gentlemen, black is for an official purpose and it should be dealt with carefully. Make no mistake on this just get a white shirt and a black tie, thats it.
  2. Navy Blue Suit: With the Navy Blue, also the shirt remains the same and the tie is recommended a dotted blue, you can also wear a plain blue one, but not black. The belt colour should match with your boot’s colour and that should be Tan(recommended), a brown shoes would also be fine, but black would ruin the combination.
  3. Grey Suit: Now with a Grey suit, the shirt could be of both Black and white colours, the shoes however should be black or brown only, please do not wear white sneakers or any other shoes here, those suits are meant for different purposes. Find the checklist to buy the items below:
  • White Shirt
  • Black Shirt
  • Blue Tie
  • Dotted Blue Tie
  • Black Tie
  • Brown Leather Belt

Seasonal Suit Choices

Have you ever seen couple of folks wearing a muffler or a protective cloth along side their Suit and they still look classy sassy, well let me tell you their secret right here, they are styling the seasonal suits and very carefully optimizing their style/fashion statement. And to our surprises, these people also wear different suits in summers, because obviously a muffler in summer would turn a man into a walking fireball :). Anyway so heres what you would wear in each season apart of all the above mentioned above.

The above mentioned classic Suits can be worn in both summers and winters

Alright, with that being said, lets check out the summer’s Colour combination for men’s suits:

Tan Suit

Colour combination for men’s suits

Although Tan Colour Suit belongs to the family of Brown Suits, but we do incorporate it differently and wear this in summers and showcase our trendy style statement.

Tans Suits are better for medium tone men that I believe 60-70% of Indian Men are and hence makes it a better choice. 

  • Tan Coat
  • Tan Pant
  • Light Brown Necktie
  • White Shirt
  •  Light Brown Belt
  • Light Brown shoes

Charcoal Grey Suit

Colour combination for men’s suits

There are many forms of grey suits, but for summers, I would recommend a Charcoal Grey Colour to optimize your looks, and at the same time maintaining you body temperature. 

  • Charcoal Grey Coat
  • Charcoal Grey Pant
  • A Sleek Blue necktie
  • White Shirt
  • Black/Brown Formal Shoes
  • Black/Brown Belt

White Suit

Colour combination for men’s suits

Ok here is the symbol of peace, White Suit is something that we do not see very often. If you are an average guy and not into leadership roles, like a society head, Team leader, CEOs, or a political figure,  I would highly recommend not to wear this piece of beauty. For this specifically a tie is optional

  • White Coat
  • White Pant
  • White shirt
  • Black/Brown Belt
  • Black/Brown Shoes
  • Watch

For Winters the below two would be great and all above except white could also work but with a waiste-coat and muffler for protection. 

A brown Colour suit gives a rich look to the beholder and generates a pleasing vibe to be on his side. If you want to look exactly like this gentleman in image, please check the list below.

  • A Brown Coat
  • Brown Pant
  • Black/Blue Necktie
  • White/Charcoal Grey shirt
  • Brown Formal Shoes
Colour combination for men’s suits

A Maroon/Majenta exhibits chivalry and definitely gives you a rich look over other suits, This is for niche parties and ceremonies and 

  • A Maroon Coat
  • Maroon Pant
  • Black Necktie
  • White shirt
  • Black Formal Shoes

Accessories for Finishing Touch

Accessories are the icing on the cake gents with a cherry on top, they play a crucial role in your look though, but without them the Suit looks to be missing something always, you cannot skip them, be it a watch, a pocket square or a tie. But make very sure not to wear a wrong accessory. Below are the list of items recommended as accessories for your Suit, I am not saying to go buy all, please improvise according to your suit and occasion, but make sure to get a watch, belt, formal shoes, these items cannot be mismatched.

  • Necktie: Hoist your look with an exemplary silk tie, adding a pop of variety or pattern to your suit.
  • Pocket Square: A very much collapsed pocket square brings flair, adding your suit’s tone with a touch of refinement.
  • Cufflinks: These little subtleties have a major effect, giving a cleaned finish to your shirt sleeves.
  • Tie Bar: Practical and smart, a tie bar keeps your tie set up while adding a dash of refinement.
  • Lapel Pin: Showcase your character with a lapel pin – be it an exemplary blossom or an exceptional emblem, it’s an subtle statement piece.
  • Watch: A beautiful watch is a flexible extra, supplementing the general stylish of your suit and adding a hint of refinement. I would recommend a Timex watch because that won’t be much expensive and will do the trick(Top 10 Timex watches of 2024)
  • Belt: Matching your belt with your shoes finishes the look as well as improves the general congruity of your outfit.
  • Collar Pins: Little and subtle, collar pins add a classic touch, keeping your collar set up while conferring a refined stylish.
  • Socks: Don’t disregard the power of well picked socks. They can add a fun loving or sophisticated element, looking out barely to the point of saying something.
Colour combination for men’s suits
Casual Wine Blazer for Men
Colour combination for men’s suits
Colour combination for men’s suits
Colour combination for men’s suits
Colour combination for men’s suits
Casual Wine Blazer for Men
Colour combination for men’s suits

Tailoring Tips

Fit is the Key:

Ensure that the suit coat fits well across the shoulders, with sleeves finishing at your wrist bone. The coat ought to fasten comfortably without pulling, and there should be sufficient space to move your arms. Trousers should sit at your regular abdomen and break somewhat over your shoes.

Length Matters:

Focus on the length of the coat. It must be covering your seat and following the bend of your back without appearing too short or long. Trousers ought to have a slight break at the front, making a spotless line without overabundance texture.

Colour combination for men’s suits:Conclusion

So here it is guys the best Colour combination for men’s suits to try and never look sloppy in a suit, and make sure to let me know if there is anything in particular related to Men’s Suits and Fashion that needs to be covered, because I keep my audience posted with the latest and trendiest fashion knowledge adding my own experience as a spice.

And if you are a fan just like me in for Navy blue coat, check out this post on Best 5 ways to wear Blue Coat Black Pants in 2024

And lastly the pics credit for this post goes to Antonio from Real MenReal Style


The attractiveness of a suit is subjective and varies fro person to person, in my point of view a Navy Blue Suit is loved by many across the Seas

Since Indian Men are a blend of White, brown, and black, the suit colour best for them are Navy Blue, Charcoal Grey, and Tan colours

To look really handsome in a suit, the first and foremost thing is the body’s size and the suit’s fit. If the body size is too low the Suit will look sloppy.

I believe the Black colour is the answer to all such questions because it acts as the basic canvas of the painting.

I believe the Black colour is the answer to all such questions, but in terms of suits a navy blue also works for may

Yes you can wear a black suit at someone’s wedding, it won’t get overlooked


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